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How many students per sponsors are required for camp?

Texas state law requires 1 adult sponsor for every 10 students. If you are bringing male students you must bring a male sponsor and if you are bringing female students you must bring a female sponsor. There is a minimum of two adults required in each dorm, so if you have a dorm to yourself you will need more sponsors.

What color team will my students be on?

Due to timing of registrations and last minute additions we wait to assign color teams until a week prior to camp. An email will go out to lead sponsors with this information, however know that it is subject to change. This year our team colors will be Blue, Orange, Green, and Purple. Teams will be divided by age group (middle schoolers and high schoolers) so there will be a total of 8 teams on the rec field.

What dorm will my group be assigned to?

Dorms will be assigned the week prior to camp but are likely to change up to time of check in due to last minute changes in registration. If you require special accommodations please contact Lizz at to see how we can assist.

Do students 18 or over need background checks/child protection training?

All persons coming to camp who are 18 or older at anytime while they are at camp must have a background check and a certificate of completion for the Child Protection Training to be submitted at check in. If these are not presented the student must either complete the training and background check asap or will be sent home. For more information see Sponsor Requirements under Leader Resources.

What is expected of sponsors at camp?

Sponsors are an integral part of Purpose Week and as such we expect sponsors to stay with their students throughout the camp day. Sponsors are expected to take part in all program activities during the day and are expected to know where their students are during free time. Sponsors have a unique opportunity during camp to create discipleship relationships with their students that God can use to shape the student's future. This is why we feel it is important that sponsors participate with their students.

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